Our beers are produced in our a suggestive old marmalade factory in the neo-medieval village of Grazzano Visconti in keeping with the famous Reinheitsgebot (a law on the books since 1516) that is synonymous with quality on a worldwide level, permitting the use of just four ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast.

We think of malts as the backbone of the beer, and the esters (from hops to yeast) as what gives it definition. To make sure that the “taste chain” is a success, great care has to go into every production phase, starting with a maniacal focus on raw materials.

We have a direct relationship with the German barley farmer, in order to decide, together with him, which is the best product of the year, then working directly with the malthouse during the whole malting process. The same goes for the hops, which give the beer a pleasant, slight bitterness, for the yeast that brings it to life, for the water that gives it substance.

During the whole process with know-how and sophisticated equipment, we monitor, foresee and control every potentially influential detail. Just consider the fact that the beer in your glass, before getting there, has been sampled, analyzed and tested as many as 16 times. So we can truly claim to know exactly what you are drinking.

“Making beer is a long and engaging process that always amaze us, brew after brew, where knowledge, attention to detail, passion and fantasy blend into a glass.”

At ExFabrica we use all our knowledge and tools to observe what happens spontaneously, nurturing processes without ever forcing them, to make a definitely natural product of the highest quality.

7 days
To transform barley and wheat into malt
7 hours
To generate a brew
7 days
For “tumultuous” fermentation
7 weeks
For ripening at temperatures close to 0°C, a decisive phase for quality.

When the time comes, our beer is packaged and goes through re-fermentation at controlled temperatures in the bottle or the keg, taking on lively carbonation. From this point, it will be ready in another 7 days!

At Ex Fabrica we do not filter or pasteurize beer, by choice, because we believe that subjecting the beverage to mechanical or thermal treatments can irremediably ruin its the complex, characteristic aromatic balance that is the natural result of our daily labor.

This is how we make and experience beer. To be honest, it is not so difficult. Being who we are, we probably couldn’t do it any other way.